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Do you want to change your life? be in control of your feelings and emotions? think, feel and be happy?

Do you need help with anxiety, panic attacks, smoking, depression, weight, phobias, low self esteem or maybe something else?

Effective help is available. I would love to help you with any problem you have.

About Ray Oldacre

I have 36 years counselling experience and trained in hypnotherapy and NLP. I studied sucessfully to attain an Advanced Diploma in Eriksons Hypnotherapy and I am a member of British Hypnosis Research and The National Council for Hypnotherapy. In recent years I have qualified and studied Thought Pattern Management (TPM) which is a brilliant method to help you change your negative mind sets into positive ones.

My Qualifications:
C.Q.S.W, Dip, E.Hp, NLP (BHR) Advanced, TPM.

I have helped many people with negative mental patterns (i.e anxiety states, depressed moods, stress etc) helped people conquer addictive behaviour (over eating, smoking, nail biting etc) enabled many to over come common fears and phobias such as flying, heights and spiders. I have also helped with rarer fears and phobias like driving and sleeping etc. Click here for more

My sessions are enjoyable, relaxing and very effective. I love helping people and I am confident I can help you.
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